Different Types Of Apples and How To Enjoy Them

Apples are so delicious and with the many different types of apples you

3 Plant-Powered Bowls To Fuel Your Day

Add flavor and good-for-you ingredients into your routine with delicious and colorful plant-powered

Best Early Morning Drinks To Kickstart Your Day

The best early morning drinks are the ones with quality ingredients. After all,

3 Comfort Food Soups For Cozy Winters

The best comfort food are soups during chilling winters. Even in Cali this

Why Butternut Squash Is Good For You

Butternut squash is not only good for you, but it’s also celebrated for

List Of Whole Grains Helpful For Weight Loss

In the health and wellness community, whole grains have become quite the buzzword.

Healthy Breads You Can Eat Often

Are there really healthy breads you can eat often? Many people enjoy using

Breakfast Catering San Diego

You can count on Jane’s Cafe in Mission Valley to provide the best

Benefits Of Eating A Nutritious Lunch At Jane’s Cafe

Eating a nutritious lunch at Jane’s Cafe is more than just a quick

Fruit For Breakfast That Get Your Day Going

Because it’s full of natural juices, fruit for breakfast can keep you fuller

Is Counting Calories The Best Way To Lose Weight?

While counting calories does serve a purpose in weight loss, it doesn’t capture

Protein French Toast

French toast is simple to make and is a delicious breakfast food item.

Restaurant Holiday Meals San Diego 2022

This is the first year since the pandemic that people can eat out

Why Do People Eat Soup In Winter?

The main reason why people eat soup in winter is because it’s warm!

Best Family Christmas Treats 2022

There’s nothing more special during the holidays than having family Christmas treats that

Vitamin C Health Benefits

Vitamin C has many health benefits. For example, it helps strengthen our immune

Benefits Of Microgreens

As it turns out, there’s a madness to the small portions on a

4 Quick and Easy Meal Ideas for Thanksgiving Week

With Thanksgiving being the biggest cooking day of the year, you’ll need easy

How To Eat Healthy For Thanksgiving

They say the average person consumes 4500 calories on Thanksgiving day. As we’re

Halloween Pumpkin Carving Party Ideas

Most people view Halloween as the unofficial start of the holidays. For kids

Ketogenic Diet Benefits For Multiple Sclerosis?

According to a review published in Advances in Nutrition, the ketogenic diet may

Foods That Promote Collagen Production

From injections to creams, there are many products on the market that claim

3 Foods That Boost Metabolism

As most of us know, if your metabolism is fast, you burn a

A Classic Yellow Cake Recipe

Meet your new go-to recipe for birthdays, and any other special occasion. A

Health Benefits Of Tomato Juice

While there are many health benefits of tomato juice, it also has a

Can You Eat Desserts While Getting Lean?

You can eat desserts while getting lean. Of course, it all depends on

3 Health Benefits Of Açaí Berries

In this article, we’ll discuss 3 health benefits of acai berries. The açaí

Benefits Of Eating A Nutritious Breakfast

When people are told foods are good for them, they immediately think it

Benefits Of Events Catering Services

Corporate events provide opportunities to network, impress, and reel in new customers. If

Different Kinds Of Grapes For Eating

Believe it or not, there are a plethora of different kinds of grapes

Delicious Summer Fruits For A Naturally Sweet Breakfast

Summer is here but fading fast. These months bring warmer weather, longer days,

Nutritional Protein Boxes

Whether you’re planning an air trip, picnic or lunch, nutritional protein boxes are

Benefits Of A Meal Delivery Program

In the U.S., meal delivery programs are becoming very popular. And with good

List Of Fruits To Avoid On A Diabetic Meal Plan

Anyone with a type of diabetes knows that they must avoid certain foods

Beet Juice Detox Benefits

From celebrities to a suburban mom, everyone has considered beet juice detox benefits.

Are Smoothies Good For You?

If you’re wondering if smoothies healthy, the answer is depends on how they’re

How To Make Healthy Eating A Lifestyle

Regardless of the reason, changing eating habits is challenging for everybody. For this

5 Foods That Boost The Immune System

It’s no secret that anti-inflammatory foods can boost your immune system. But what

What Is Cold-Pressed Juice and Benefits?

Back in the day, it was social suicide to show up to such

The Secret To Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

Eggs, whether scrambled, boiled, poached, etc., are a breakfast staple. But perfect hard

Breakfast Salad That’s Worth Waking Up For

Not many people would think that a breakfast salad would be worth waking

Delicious Lunch Sandwiches You’ll Love Eating

When you need to get a quick bit, you want lunch sandwiches that

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

There’s nothing more gratifying than coming up with delicious and healthy breakfast ideas.

4 Easy Mediterranean Diet Swaps

The Mediterranean diet is consistently a top contender on the best-rated diets list.

Types Of Tea For Your Immune System

Useful plant compounds in tea are helping for supporting your immune system. People

3 Popular Healthy Plant-Based Milks

Whether you choose healthy plant-based milks over traditional, depends on whether you value

Powerful Superfoods You Should Add To Your Diet

There are many powerful superfoods worth adding to your diet for better health.

Eating Sustainably Without Going Vegan

More people than ever are eating foods for their well-being instead of just

Eating Healthy Tips For Picky Eaters

Many of us find it difficult to eat healthy snacks or a meal.

Benefits Of Intuitive Eating

In general, intuitive means an innate sense of what is right or wrong.

3 Healthy Grain Bowls For Hearty Weekday Eating

Healthy grain bowls are one of our favorite meals when we’re looking for

Why Processed Food Is Bad For You

Obviously, to maintain a healthy weight, we know it’s necessary to exercise and

5 Things That Happens When Choosing Vegan Diets

Many people are choosing vegan diets worldwide. Some chose to become vegan because

Benefits Of Celery Juice

Drinking your fruits and vegetables is all the rage these days. And there

Best Diet For Hypothyroidism: Foods To Eat

People dealing with hypothyroidism can be a challenging ordeal. Because the condition could

Foods That Sharpen Your Memory and Overall Brain Health

Foods that sharpen your memory and overall brain health effect how we feel.

5 Simple Steps To Meal Prep

These days, eating heathy is more important than ever. But, sometimes a busy

5 Tips To Stay Healthy During Winter Season

Everyone wants to stay healthy during the winter season when the chilly weather

4 Winter Drinks Guaranteed To Keep You Warm

Delicious winter drinks are great for those long, biting winter nights. Around now

Christmas Treats Your Whole Family Will Love

Some of us are planning an intimate Christmas dinner menu for the family.

Christmas Cupcakes For Your Baking List

Christmas cookies always seem to have all the fun. When it comes to

Dinnertime For Busy People

Trying to coordinate everyone’s schedule isn’t always so easy at dinnertime for busy

Lunch Ideas For Kids

Having great lunch ideas for kids not only fills them up, but it

5 Different Types Of Grains You Should Know

For the home, many of us have an herb rack that also contains

6 Favorite Common Types Of Salad Greens

There are far too many common types of salad greens to list them

3 Spices For Your Thanksgiving Pumpkin Seeds

Thanksgiving is nearly here and everyone’s waiting for that traditional pumpkin pie. Carving

Different Types of Asian Noodles

If you like Asian cuisine, then you probably already know that there are

6 Clear Signs You Are Eating Unhealthy Foods

What? You mean these delicious cupcakes aren’t healthy? But they taste so good!

Skincare Diet: 5 Foods That Are Damaging Your Skin

No one wants to hear that there are actually foods that are damaging

These Foods Will Boost Your Collagen Production Naturally

From creams to injections, there are lots of products on the market that

Breakfast On The Go: Creative Ideas

Generally speaking, we all need breakfast on-the-go ideas to get us out the

All Day Breakfast Salad

Who would have ever thought that an all day breakfast salad could be

What’s Happening In Healthy Foods At Jane’s Cafe

While many of us strive to eat better, it’s not always possible when

How To Grill Fruit on the BBQ

It’s not always all about vegetable skewers, steak and sausages, you know. There

Enjoy Barista Style Coffee at Jane’s Cafe

There’s nothing quite like that first cup of coffee first thing in the

Microgreens: The New Way To Add Your Vegetables

Since their introduction to the Californian restaurant scene in the 1980s, microgreens have

Why Eating Fish Twice A Week Is Good For You

Here at Jane’s Cafe, we personally enjoy many different types of seafood dishes.

Grilled Chicken Strawberry Salad For Summer

Undeniably fresh and bursting with flavor, this grilled chicken strawberry salad will put

4 Summer Sandwich Ideas For An Easy Lunch

We want you to be able to enjoy the best of sandwich season

Healthy Toast Ideas For Morning Breakfast

While avocado toast is delicious, you may want to switch up your healthy

5 Types Of Grapes You Could Be Eating

There are over 10,000 types of grapes and 6 different colors. Consequently, they

Delicious Seasonal Vegetables For Your Next Meal

Tasty and delicious seasonal vegetables are available now and we have them here

3 Summer Fruits in Season at Jane’s Cafe

Many summer fruits are in season right now and we have them here

Redefining Healthy Eating: Adding Excitement To Healthy Choices

For years, healthy eating was associated with limited choices, dullness, and tastelessness. At

Indoor Dining Is Back!

Indoor dining is being allowed back once again. As San Diego County has

3 Healthy Alternative Dishes You Need To Try Right Now

Dining alfresco and sharing food with friends are at the the core of

4 Reasons To Order Jane’s Cafe Lunch For Delivery

Are you having trouble deciding on what to order for lunch? You may

When To Eat Food After Its Expiration Date?

It may surprise you, but you can eat food after its expiration date.

Which Vegetable Parts Are Edible?

Generally speaking, people think they know which vegetable parts are edible. For instance,

The Best Easy School Lunch Ideas

Whether you’re exploring distance learning or receiving in-person instructions, you need lunch. Parents,

Last Minute Gift Ideas For Mother’s Day

Finding last minute gift ideas for Mother’s Day doesn’t always turn out as

Sink Your Teeth Into This Epic 8oz Angus Beef Steak Burger

Look no further for the ultimate steak burger. This epic 8oz Angus Beef

What Moms Really Want For Mother’s Day This Year

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and it’s time to treat the

Four Sandwiches You’ll Actually Want To Eat For Lunch

Upgrade your midday meal with sandwiches you’ll want to eat for lunch. Packed

The Best Breakfast Spot In San Diego County

If you’re looking for the best breakfast spot in San Diego, you’ve founded

The Five Best Reasons Why Soup Is Good For You

There are so many reasons why soup is good for you. In addition

Top Seven Signs You’re Completely Obsessed With Tea

People who love drinking tea don’t feel they’re completely obsessed with tea. And

Seven Easy Ideas For Weekend Breakfasts When You’re Busy

Jumpstart your day with these easy ideas for weekend breakfasts to make when

Two Delicious Breakfast Toasts To Try Right Now

If you’re looking to switch up your avocado toast, you can keep your

The Benefits Of Corporate Catering in San Diego, CA

Although the pandemic has restricted large gatherings, you can still have corporate events

Steak Burger Side Ideas: Veggies & Pastas To Improve Your Steak Dinner

A steak dinner is one of the most satisfying entrees you can have.

We Offer Catering Services In San Diego, CA

If you’ve ever been entrusted to plan the meals for an event, business

Brighten Up Your Winter With A Grilled Chicken Strawberry Salad

It’s winter, and while soups might be your go-to favs, salads still deserve

The 3 Best Salads and Vegetable Sides To Serve With Pasta

If you’re eating pasta, you want the best salads availability to serve with

Calling All Men: Are You Eating These Heart-Healthy Foods?

5 heart-healthy foods that men can work into their diet to reduce the

5 Reasons To Eat Soup This Winter

We bring you 5 reasons to eat soup this winter to feed your

The Best Plant-Based Black Bean Burgers

Hello 2021! We welcome a fresh start and intentions. If eating more sustainable

How To Make Christmas Cranberry Cheesecake Bars

Christmas cranberry cheesecake bars are an excellent dessert option for your next holiday

Holiday Meals From Jane’s Cafe

Having holiday meals delivered from Jane’s Cafe alleviates stress and lets you focus

How Jane’s Cafe Is Bringing The Holidays Home

Jane’s Cafe is bringing the holidays home this year in style. We’re all

How To Celebrate The Holidays During Coronavirus

Thanks to Jane’s Cafe, celebrating the holidays during coronavirus doesn’t have to be

Learn About Gluten-Free Food at Jane’s Cafe Mission Valley

When you have a severe allergy or mild aversion to gluten, it can

4 Reasons To Eat Organic Food

Conventional food may contain pesticides, excess chemicals, hormones and antibiotics. Plus, possibly even

Discover The Best San Diego Cafe Restaurant Takeout

Although many uncertainties still remain about the future of restaurants, you can still

Corporate Catering San Diego

Jane’s Cafe provides corporate catering in San Diego to businesses throughout the area.

The Easy Way To Make French Toast

You can learn how to make French toast without being a chef in

How To Host A Michelin(ish) Dining Experience During Lockdown

After 30 weeks in lockdown, games and home improvements are due a touch

3 Crafty Ways To Get More Veggies Into Your Meals

Health is the new wealth. But when you’re pining for French toast piled

The Best 5 Tacos in San Diego You Can’t Resist

You can never go wrong with tacos. And with delivery, they are more

San Diego Best Cafe

On the hunt for San Diego best cafe? We got you covered right

4 Superfoods To Boost A Healthy Diet

Just because certain foods are known as superfoods, it doesn’t mean they provide

How To Taste Coffee Like A Barista

Finding or brewing amazing coffee is an art form. Have you heard this

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