Healthy Breakfast Ideas

There’s nothing more gratifying than coming up with delicious and healthy breakfast ideas. Not only are they tasty, but they’re good for you. Particularly if you’ve had a challenging journey reaching this nutritious stage.

In general, the best way to set eating healthier is to try new healthy recipes. Then, make recipes that you know and love healthier. With this in mind, here are some healthy breakfast ideals for the brunch enthusiasts out there.

Whole Grain Pancakes Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Everybody loves pancakes! But the problem is, they can be high in calories, particularly with syrup added. If you’re looking for healthy breakfast options, try making your favorite pancake recipe with whole wheat pastry flour. Using this type of flour instead of all purpose flour provides more nutrients.

You can also add flaxseeds to the mix for some omega 3 fatty acids and extra fiber. Then, top these pancakes with some fresh fruit, nut butter, and a drizzle of maple syrup.

Healthy Breakfast ideas Whole Grain Pancakes

To put a healthy twist on this breakfast favorite, start with a recipe that you know. Replace 50 to 100% of the flour with whole wheat pastry flour. Next, go wild with the healthful toppings. Seeds, nuts, and nut butters are all delicious and good for you.

Smoke Salmon on Multigrain Toast

Salmon is an amazing source of nutrients. With it’s omega 3 fatty acids and paired with multigrain toast, makes this one of the best healthy breakfast ideas. Adding extra virgin olive oil creates a Mediterranean diet-friendly combination. As a result, you get a boost of energy to start your day. Albeit this won’t replace the need for bagels and lox, but it is a delicious option for lighter days.

Smoked Salon on Toast Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Start with your favorite smoked salmon and a few pieces of multigrain toast. Just pile the salmon high, season with salt, pepper, and spices of your choice. Top with a drizzle of olive oil. And serve with slices of raw or sautéed bell pepper on the side.

Turkey Bacon Egg and Cheese

The bacon egg and cheese on a roll is a favorite East Coast breakfast. While you can find this sandwich in bodegas across New York City, we also have them here in San Diego! But to make it a little healthier, use lean turkey bacon and cook the eggs in olive oil. Once they’re all cooked, place them in between two slices of multigrain or whole wheat toast. Next, serve with a side of veggies of your choice for a balanced meal.

Turkey Bacon Eggs Cheese Healthy Breakfast Ideas

Bake or fry the lean turkey bacon. Fry an egg in olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Thinly slice the cheese of choice. Then, pile it all between 2 pieces of toasted multigrain bread. In the same frying pan you used for the egg, cook a handful of spinach and a few halved grape tomatoes. Last, season with salt and pepper. Serve on the side.

If you’re not up to the task to make any of these healthy breakfast ideas, order from Jane’s Cafe. In addition to tasty and healthy breakfast items, we also serve delicious lunch dishes!

Healthy Breakfast Ideas

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