Which Vegetable Parts Are Edible?

Generally speaking, people think they know which vegetable parts are edible. For instance, when at the grocers, we look for the least amount of leaves on carrots. Or making sure that cauliflower has no greenery on it. In either case, you should be reducing waste by eating more food.

For those of you who watch your calorie intake, we’re not trying to trick you. In fact, many food parts that you discard are not only edible, but also nutritious.

You’ve probably heard all the fuss about making your kitchen ‘greener’ by swapping out standard Kitchen tools. Well, discarding less of what you eat is a much simpler eco-friendly step forward.

To know which vegetable parts are edible, let’s talk about 4 different vegetables.

Which Vegetable Parts Are Edible For Avocados?

Avocado Pits

No, we’re not going to suggest you eat it like a nut. That would be horrible for your teeth as avocado pits are very hard. Even though it makes up a third of the vegetable, you shouldn’t throw it away either. Instead, you can grind the pit and turn it into flour. Not only will the resulting powder reduce cholesterol numbers, but it also functions as an antioxidant.

But don’t use it for all your baking needs. For example, baking cakes as it doesn’t have the same rising properties. And it taste different than regular flour.

 HOW TO EAT THEM:  Make sure the pit is completely dry, then toss it into your blender. Don’t forget to cover your ears. After it’s minced into a powder, sprinkle it on your cereal or add a bit to a smoothie. It’s nutty delicious!

Eat Cauliflower Leaves

Cauliflower Leaves

You may already be cooking these when make soup or even roasting them. But you probably don’t know that the green part is, in fact, is an excellent source of Vitamin C. Plus, eating the green is a great way to boost your selenium and immune system. Additionally, the leaves also contain potassium, fiber, and Vitamin A.

For your next visit to the market, don’t look for cauliflower with the least amount of leaves to cut off. Instead, seek out the ones that are covered with them.

 PREPARING THEM:  You can toss them with lemon juice and toasted sesame oil as a simple side dish. Or even roast them with the whole vegetable.

Carrot Top Greens are Good For You

Carrot Tops

Contrary to rumors, carrot greens are not poisonous. They do however, taste bitter. All things considered, they’re actually filled with a tone of vitamins in addition to iron and calcium.
Additionally, the bitter leaves not only adds depth of flavor, but it also aid digestion. The carrot top also contains 6 times more vitamin C than the root.

When consumed, carrot greens are leafy, delicate and have fibrous taste. When added to chicken soup, it can boost the immune system and provide relief from colds.

 USES FOR CARROT GREENS:  They taste great tossed in a salad and paired with sweeter ingredients such as vinaigrette. They also add flavor to stir fries and curries, or use it as a garnish.

Now that you know which vegetable parts are edible and you’re getting hungry, come see us at Jane’s Cafe. We have many delicious dishes including healthy alternatives. Call (619) 380-2501 to place a phone order or order online for delivery or pickup.

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