We Offer Catering Services In San Diego, CA

If you’ve ever been entrusted to plan the meals for an event, business meeting or even a game, you know it’s stressful. Plus, it can be time-consuming and costly. But Jane’s Cafe is here to help! Our catering services can take any size order you can imagine. We’ve catered corporate meetings and events both large and small. So if you’re looking for catering services in San Diego, CA, you’ve come to the right place.

Catering Services in San Diego, CA

Unlike some catering businesses that offer limited options, Jane’s Cafe has a variety. We offer a range of food that can be served either hot or cold. And it usually just requires a quick warmup in the microwave or oven. You can feel confident that your order accommodates everyone.

Additionally, we have foods that satisfy various dietary restrictions. So, for vegetarians in your group, for instance, we have choices that includes them in the fun as well.

Typical Foods We Make

Given that we’re a deli first and foremost, we’re proud of our cold cut trays. For less than $4 per person, you can order trays that serves up to 15 people. Not to mention they’re all stocked with our quality meats and cheeses. We also include a variety of rolls and breads with these platters.

In addition to that, an assortment of condiments included mustard, hot peppers in oil, horseradish and mayo are included. Colleagues and guests can make any type of sandwich they desire.

But wait! We don’t just do sandwiches. Our catering services in San Diego, CA goes a step further. We can create beef lorraine, turkey spaghetti, chicken fettuccini, chicken pesto pasta and more. Want salads with that? We can do that too because the sky is the limit. Furthermore, our prices are surprisingly affordable for a diverse delicious meal any number of people.

We Have A La Carte Items Also!

Although our catering menu is designed to server larger groups, that doesn’t mean you only have to order in bulk. Besides, what would be the fun in that if you only want a few items? So, most of our customers order at least a few things from our a la carte menu. If one guest loves our turkey spaghetti, you can include a side of that. Coupled with your other menu items, everyone is happy.

As well as catering services in San Diego, CA, we also specialize in gourmet business lunches. So no matter the event, if you’re feeding a large group, we got you covered. Take a moment to peruse our website and give us a call at (619) 380-2501. Looking forward to whipping up something special for you.

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