When To Eat Food After Its Expiration Date?

It may surprise you, but you can eat food after its expiration date. Of course, it depends on the food item and what the expiration date means. Given these points, we’ve all shopped with the intention of using every food item we purchased. But sometimes, we order takeout, eat at friends’ house, or what have you. Thus, leaving the food you had planned to cook before it expires.

While some states do require sell-by-dates, they are not mandated by the FDA. In essence, they are there as a guide. With this in mind, following them 100 percent of the time means you’re discarding perfectly good food.

In fact, the FDA’s FoodKeeper App is helpful in guiding you on individual foods.

When To Eat Food After Its Expiration Date?

Ultimately, you should always use common sense; if a food seems off to you, don’t eat it. Obviously, you don’t want to get sick in an attempt to eat all food you purchased for the week. Additionally, food safety and handling should be taken into account. This means properly storing food and at the correct temperatures.

But, scroll down to learn more about when to eat food after its expiration date. Plus, a few listed items.

Canned Foods
Generally, cans stored under 75 degrees are safe to eat indefinitely. However, best quality is within 2 to 5 years. Also, if a can is rusted or bulging, get rid of it.

Frozen Food
The point of freezing foods that aren’t frozen in the grocery store is to preserve it. So, while frozen food is safe indefinitely, its quality will start to deteriorate after a few months. Obviously, it depends on what the food is. But the lack of quality will be noticed when thawed after a year. Again, you can look up specific foods on the FoodKeeper app.

Hard cheeses such as Parmigiano Reggiano lifespan depends on how it’s stored. Usually, it lasts up to six months unopened in your fridge. And about a month after opening. If you see mold, slice off that part with a clean knife.

Generally speaking, eggs are safe for three to five weeks from the date of purchase. Even if the printed date has past.

While bread is safe to eat after its expiration date, it becomes stale. And if you see mold, throw it out. You can also freeze it to extend its shelf life.

Even after its expiration date, cereal is safe to eat. However, it might be stale.

Has It Really Expired?

To determine when to eat food after its expiration date, you need to know what the date means. The packaging date labels have different meanings.

Best-by date, for example, and it’s past that date, it might not be really fresh anymore. Depending on what the food is, it’s still safe to eat it for a while.

Similarly, sell-by date, refers to a date to signal the retailers by when the product should be removed from shelves. If it’s just a day or so past, it’s probably safe to eat.

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