Indoor Dining Is Back!

Indoor dining is being allowed back once again. As San Diego County has received the good news of Covid-19 cases declining in the area. With the caseload down in San Diego, that means it is safe for restaurants to open up to indoor dining. And safe for you to come and visit.

This is very exciting news for everyone who has been longing to share indoor dining with family and friends. At Jane’s Cafe, we have missed being able to let our customers into our building. So, we are very grateful for this opportunity.

We are looking forward to seeing you, but we also want to keep you safe. Changes over the past few months have all been with the goal of keeping our beloved customers healthy and safe.

Once again, we are allowing indoor dining, but will implement changes to keep everyone safe. Thus, our capacity will be reduced to 25% of what we can normally sustain. Of course, everyone must be masked when not seated.

Definitely, our staff will do their part to keep everyone safe by wearing masks ourselves. Also, when visiting other restaurants, you should call ahead to make sure the wait staff will be wearing masks.

Staying safe and healthy is important for everyone. In order to enjoy indoor dining while also reducing your risk, keep the following things in mind.

Be Prepared To Wait

In San Diego, we have not been able to dine indoors for several months. This means the opportunity for indoor dining is very exciting and fresh. Consequently, lots of people will want to take the opportunity for this experience.

In order to make dining safe however, restaurants can only accommodate so many people. That means you may have to wait your turn in order to get into the restaurant. And you’ll have to wait in a socially distanced line in order to keep things safe.

Wash Your Hands and Don’t Touch Your Face

One of the easiest ways to lower your risk of infection is to use common sense practices. This includes things like washing your hands thoroughly. Plus, avoid touching your face, especially if you haven’t washed your hands recently.

Stay Home If You’re Sick

This is fire season in San Diego which generates lots of smoke. Therefore, it might be a bit hard to tell the difference between allergies and sickness. If it’s a possibility you are sick however, it’s best for you and for everyone else, that you stay home. Staying home when you are sick helps lower the risk of spreading Covid-19 to others.

Avoid Gatherings If You Are Immunocompromised

No matter how safe everyone tries to be, it is more risky to go out than to stay in. If you’re in an at-risk group for becoming extremely ill from Covid-19, don’t take that risk at all. We care about all of our customers. Even though we’re excited about indoor dining, we don’t want to miss any of your faces due to illness.

We’re looking forward to seeing you. It’s our hope that you’ll be able to enjoy this experience safely as we open up once again.

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