3 Healthy Alternative Dishes You Need To Try Right Now

Dining alfresco and sharing food with friends are at the the core of Jane’s Cafe dining. It’s all about the culture of joining together and enjoying meals. Even healthy alternative dishes taste great sharing with friends and family.

When one thinks of American food, dishes like hamburgers and barbecue come to mind. But that’s not all America has to offer in the way of food; at least not at Jane’s Cafe.

So, here are 3 American healthy alternative dishes that you might not have thought of, but you’ll need to try immediately.

Healthy Alternatives Plant Based Chicken Stir Fry

Plant-Based Chicken Stir Fry

Generally speaking, stir fry is an Asian dish. But at Jane’s Cafe, we add an American twist. Made with an array of vegetables, cauliflower, broccoli, snap peas, mushrooms, bell peppers, onions, and carrots. Our special sauce and seasonings make this dish succulent and oh so tasty.

The plant-based chicken almost melts in your mouth. And the colors make you feel as though you’re dining in the Mediterranean. Plus, you will know the stir fry smell before you see it, because it smells absolutely amazing!

Plant-Based Chicken Panini Jane's Cafe

Chicken Panini

The panini originated in the sandwich shops of Italy, perhaps as early as the 1960s. At Jane’s Cafe, it is a combination of plant-based chicken, fresh veggies like tomatoes, organic avocado, and baby arugula. Layered with vegan cheese and served on ciabatta bread, this sandwich is hearty and healthy.

Do like the Romans do and have a Caesar salad on the side or as in San Diego, we also have fresh seasonal fruits. Plus, it’s one of those healthy alternative dishes that you can eat half now and save the other half for later.

Beyond Beef Tacos Healthy Alternatives

Beyond Beef Tacos Healthy Alternative Dishes

You don’t have to live near the border to know that this is a scrumptious Mexican dish. Tacos are not just popular in Mexico, but are also popular around the world. And dates back to the 18th century. So of course, we couldn’t possibly not have tacos on our menu.

These fresh SoCal classics are served with shredded lettuce, guacamole, Pico de Gallo, and shredded vegan cheddar cheese. Served in a corn tortilla, tacos at Jane’s Cafe is one of the best healthy alternative dishes.

Though many Americans are only now learning about the simple virtues of tacos. However, surfers and seasoned Mexico travelers have long considered tacos an integral part of the Baja experience.

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