Different Kinds Of Grapes For Eating

Believe it or not, there are a plethora of different kinds of grapes for eating. Given that it’s summer, now is the best time to try them all. If you’re a fan of fruit, you’ve mostly likely had white grapes before.

Grapes are plump, juicy and naturally sweet. As a result, they’re one of America’s best-selling fruits. Not to mention, they shine in both sweet and savory dishes. Are you planning on incorporating grapes in one of your dishes this week? Hold off a minute before doing that. You may instead want to try one of the grapes in this article!

Did you know that some grapes are more suitable for wine making than eating? While others are best for making jelly or jam.

So, let’s first talk about best grapes for eating.

Types Of Grapes

You probably think of grapes as red, green or black. But more formally they are categorized into three major groups: table, juice and wine.

Table grapes have thin skins and are ideal for snacking when consumed fresh. Fold them into a supreme salad!

Juice grapes have a thick skin that peels off very easily. They’re most commonly used for jelly or jam.

Wine grapes are best for—what else?—making wine. They are extremely sweet (sweeter than table grapes). The skin is also thick and contain an abundance of seeds. We bet you have a bottle or two of this grape product on hand.

5 Grapes For Eating

Discover these peak season varieties from July to September. They all come in different flavors, textures and sizes. Try them in various recipes or simply eat them out of hand as a healthy and refreshing snack.

1. Holiday Red Grapes

What are they? Produced by Columbine Vineyards in California’s San Joaquin Valley, this jumbo-sized grape is sweet with a crisp, juicy texture.
Appearance: Round and much larger than other varieties. Bright red skin, seedless flesh.
How to enjoy: Baked into your favorite peach cobbler recipe or mixed into a refreshing cocktail.

2. Gum Drop Types Of Grapes

Where to get them: They are exclusive to the Grapery Vineyard in California. This hybrid grape has a candy-like flavor with a sugary finish and floral hints.
What they look like: Smaller size with a rounded shape. Brilliant red to black skin and seedless, translucent flesh.
How to use: Freeze in a single layer, then drop in a glass of wine to keep it chilled.

3. Thomcord Grapes

What are they? They are a hybrid of the Thompson Seedless and Concord grapes. This variety packs a vivid color and complex sweet flavor similar to grape juice or jelly.
Appearance: Deep purple to bluish black skin with seedless flesh. Plump and small to medium in size.
How to enjoy: Made into grape jelly, blended into smoothies, or sliced on a peanut butter sandwich.

4. Cotton Candy

Where to get them: This unique hybrid from Grapery Vineyards tastes just like the fluffy carnival favorite with hints of vanilla.
What they look like: Light to medium green skin. Oval-like shape and medium to large in size.
How to use: Skewer onto fruit kabobs, or sliced and tossed with greens, feta and toasted walnuts.

5. Sweet Sapphire (Moon Drop)

Where they’re from: Also from Grapery Vineyards. This striking variety packs bright, earthy sweetness (like grape jelly) and a pleasant snap.
Appearance: Deep purple to black skin and seedless flesh. Medium to large size with a unique, finger-like shape.
How to enjoy: Sliced for breakfast toast spread with almond butter.

Grapes at Jane’s Cafe

At our cafe in Mission Valley, we offer red, green and black grapes throughout the year. They are available as a snack or catering plater along with cheeses and crackers. You can also order online for delivery, call (619) 380-2501 for takeout, or come visit us!

Different Kinds Of Grapes For Eating

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