Foods That Pair Well With Tequila

Foods That Pair Well With Tequila
Sometimes figuring out which foods pair well with tequila can be a daunting task. After all, there are so many wonderful dishes such as burritos, burgers, tostados, fajitas and more. And it becomes even more difficult if everything on the menu sounds appetizing. Although we don’t offer alcohol at Jane’s Cafe, we do have the food that pairs well with your favorite beverage that you have at home.

Almost everyone loves a good glass of tequila with a bowl of chips and salsa. However, tequila has complex and nuanced flavors. And this means it can pair surprisingly well with a variety of foods that may never have seemed a natural fit.

Foods That Pair Well With Tequila

But luckily, we have done some of the work for you. The below tasty options are just a few of the many foods that pair well with tequila.

1. Quesadillas

The combination of tequila, lime, and salt pairs well with the cheese and spices in chicken quesadillas. There are many different types of quesadillas, but a common favorite is the cheese quesadilla. A cheese quesadilla is simple and delicious, and it pairs well with a variety of drinks. A light beer, tequila or a margarita are popular choices.

2. Flan

Did you know that tequila can be enjoyed with desserts? One sugary treat that we recommend you try with tequila is flan. This dessert is a homemade vanilla custard with a burnt sugar topping.

3. White Meat

Tequila is a versatile spirit that can be easily paired with dishes that contain a citrus-based sauce and white meat. For example, pork enchilada, fish tacos, and chicken fajitas are all great choices that you should try. In essence, flavor combination of the white meat and citrus sauce are enhanced when accompanied with tequila.

4. Nachos

Have you ever searched for an appetizer or party food that goes well with tequila? Well, look no further than nachos! In fact, the saltiness from the nachos complements the sweetness of most tequila cocktails.

5. Burgers

While tequila is amazing with tacos, a Casa Noble’s higher-alcohol Joven pairs with a juicy burger. Joven has nice fruit and flower notes and the high proof cuts through the greasiness of a delicious burger. The fruitiness and floweriness of Joven goes perfectly with that. Steak burgers also need a refreshing drink, so a Joven and tonic, pulling out both crisp and citrus hints tastes great.


The next time you find yourself wondering which food to pair with your tequila, make sure to try a few of these recommendations. To sample some other options that weren’t mentioned, come visit Jane’s Cafe in Mission Valley for lunch. Our menu has a wide array of options that you’ll enjoy!

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Foods That Pair Well With Tequila

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