4 Spring Sandwiches For A Tasty Lunch

4 Spring Sandwiches For An Tasty Lunch
We want you to be able to enjoy the best spring sandwiches for lunch. For this reason, we’ve gathered these practically perfect spring sandwich ideas for your lunch selection. Each stack is loaded with fresh vegetables, mouthwatering meats, melty cheese, and/or sauced to perfection. In fact, they are so much better than a simple PB&J.

Any of these sandwiches would be perfect for a spring picnic to enjoy with family and friends. They also make a great meal option for your camping trip.

And obviously, all of these spring sandwiches are great for everyday lunch. No matter if you’re taking them to work or working from home. Another great thing about these sandwiches is that they’ll be devoured by kids and adults alike.

The Best Spring Sandwiches For Lunch

Instead of spending a beautiful spring day cooking in your kitchen, you can order these sandwiches online! Then you can quickly enjoy the gorgeous weather with your loved ones doing fun activities. These sandwich ideas are about to make your life so much easier. And of course, so much tastier.

Sandwiches To Eat For Lunch Chicken Pesto Panini

Chicken Pesto Panini on Ciabatta Bread

This is one of the simplest, yet one of the most delicious pleasures. Our chicken pesto panini is not only mouthwatering, but a great choice when you’re beginning to feel hungry. It has grilled chicken breast, tomatoes, mozzarella cheese, pesto dressing with your choice of caesar salad or fresh fruit.

Sandwiches To Eat For Lunch Chicken Caesar Wrap

Chicken Caesar Wrap

There’s something about sandwiches and wraps that are so filling and comforting. This chicken caesar wrap is not only healthy, but also full of flavor and texture. It’s made with parmesan cheese, crispy romaine, grilled chicken breast, seasoned croutons, and caesar dressing. Your choice of spinach, flour or whole wheat tortilla.

Carne Asada Torta Jane's Cafe Mission Valley

Carne Asada Torta

This is definitely one of those juicy and savory sandwiches to eat for lunch. Carne asada is loaded onto a soft roll and piled high with all the classic Mexican toppings. We use tomatoes, guacamole, shredded lettuce, sour cream, pico de gallo, and a blend of jack and cheddar cheese. The chipotle dressing makes the carne asada even more tasty!

Alaskan Salmon Burger Jane's Cafe Mission Valley

Alaskan Salmon Burger

Jane’s Cafe Alaskan Salmon Burgers are deliciously made with wild caught Alaskan salmon. It is perfectly blended with baby arugula, tomatoes, red onions, tartar sauced on a sesame bun. Plus, they offer a delectable Southwestern profile that’s full of flavor, but not spicy, and packed with healthy omega-3s.

These spring sandwiches for lunch will inspire you to shake up your midday meal routine. Plus, each of them will fill you up, so you can avoid the post-lunch crash. In addition to ordering online, you can also place a phone order by calling Jane’s Cafe at (619) 380-2501.

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4 Spring Sandwiches For A Tasty Lunch

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