Best Family Christmas Treats 2022

There’s nothing more special during the holidays than having family Christmas treats that everyone enjoys. Even if you’re planning an intimate Christmas dinner, you still need snacks. So, whether sending gift boxes to friends or baking family Christmas treats for home, it’s fun for all. However you decide to share your goodies, it’s a great way to share connections with others.

Helping to bake sugary holiday treats is a favorite thing kids enjoy. Even your little ones can sprinkle on icing or decorative toppings. With this in mind, here are some mini delicious holiday dessert ideas.

01.White Chocolate Truffles

Kids will love getting their hands a little messy making this three-step recipe, almost as much as they’ll love eating them.

02.Cherry and Pecan Divinity Family Christmas Treats

These light and delightful classic Southern desserts look and taste absolutely divine. Divinity is an old-fashioned candy recipe that is well-known and beloved in many Southern homes. Candied cherries, citron, and pecans are folded into fluffy clouds of nougat for this elegant homemade candy.

03.White Chocolate Peppermint Patties

Impress your friends with a snappy and sweet homemade peppermint patty. Have a taste for mint? These are the perfect little patties. You can melt white chocolate and drizzle over the patties if you like. Even add some crushed peppermint candy canes before the chocolate dries. These are very easy and so cool and refreshing. Particularly, if you use mint chocolate chips as well as the peppermint extract.

04.Millionaire’s Bars

What could be better than three layers of deliciousness—shortbread, caramel, and chocolate? Make a batch and feel like the fancy person you are!

05.Mini Gingerbread Men Family Christmas Treats

What’s cuter than gingerbread men? Super tiny bite-sized gingerbread men! If you tint the icing with a couple drops of food coloring, it adds flare. However you bake your gingerbread men cookies, they’re difficult not to love.

06.Dark-Chocolate Pecan Toffee

This quick and easy toffee recipe takes no time at all and is best served alongside caramel turtle clusters.

07.Almond Biscotti

These classic Italian biscuits are twice-baked for extra crispness. Dip them in a some hot cocoa, or a steaming cup of hot buttered rum. Then, sit by the fireplace and enjoy the goodness.

08.Marbled Tahini Shortbread Cookies

Laced with sugar and butter, shortbread may be one of the best treats there is. Tahini and some crunchy sesame seed gives it tons of deep flavor.

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Best Family Christmas Treats 2022

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