Restaurant Holiday Meals San Diego 2022

This is the first year since the pandemic that people can eat out and go shopping. So, places to go for restaurant holiday meals in San Diego will be plentiful. However, seats will also fill up fast, so make your reservations now.

But despite the restaurant holiday meals, many people will still have traditional holiday at home. And then perhaps afterwards, go out for dessert or drinks. Either way, having holiday meals delivered from Jane’s Cafe alleviates stress and lets you focus on celebrating. So, let Jane’s Cafe do the work for you while you enjoy friends and family. From Easter to Thanksgiving, Christmas to New Years, we got you covered with appetizers, sides, entrees, and restaurant holiday meals.

Read on to learn more about ordering Jane’s Cafe restaurant holiday meals.

Which holidays do you offer menus for?

We offer special menus including entrees, appetizers, desserts and sides for holidays year round. These include:

  New Year’s Eve

What if I have a celebration outside of these holidays?

We also offer everyday menu selections ideal for celebrations such as birthdays, corporate events and other parties.

Can I pick up holiday meals without placing an order first?

We may offer individual sides for some of our holiday meals in our cafe. We recommend viewing our comprehensive online menu to confirm first. Or you can also call us at (619) 380-2501.

When can I place an order for my holiday meal?

Ordering opens about a month before the holiday in question — and closes two days before for large orders. In other words, orders must be placed 48 hours before your intended pickup time.

When can I pick up my order?

We provide a range of pickup times. And you can specify when you’d like to pick up your meal when you place your order. Pickup is usually available on the actual day of the holiday, except for Christmas Day. Also, depending on what you order, food is sold chilled upon pickup (reheating instructions are provided).

Can I get my meal delivered?

Absolutely. Use the order now button at the top of this article for you can click here.

Does Jane’s Cafe only offer special menus during holidays like Christmas?

Special menus are indeed only available for holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. However, our everyday catering menus are always available. So, you can mix and match as you see fit. We just require 48 hours notice for your order.

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Restaurant Holiday Meals San Diego 2022

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