6 Favorite Common Types Of Salad Greens

There are far too many common types of salad greens to list them all in one single post. To say we’re never too far from a salad craving here at Jane’s Cafe is an understatement.

Whether we’re aiming to highlight seasonal ingredients or balance a rich meal, many types of salad greens beckons us.

If you enjoy salads as much as we do, this is a good time to discover new types of salad greens.

Common Types Of Salad Greens

Generally speaking, summer is the ideal season for crisp, well-balance salads. However, people are now focusing on healthy eating year-round. Besides, grocery stores are always stocked with fresh, green vegetables that are perfect for salads.

So, this year, rather than sticking to the types of salad greens you know, broaden your green horizons. Regardless of the type of greens you buy, make sure to select the freshest ones possible. And avoid any that are wilted, bruised, or discolored.

With this in mind, here are a few we love, and the salads we generally make with them.

01. Napa Cabbage

With it’s elongated shape and crinkly leaves, Napa cabbage has a milder, somewhat sweeter flavor that regular green cabbage. And it’s a nice change of pace from the traditional leafy green. Also, it’s the main ingredient in many Asian salads.

02. Butter Lettuce

This lettuce is one of the most unique in flavors of the lettuces. Albeit it has a buttery taste, the texture is still crisp. There’s even a nice crunch when you bite in, followed by melt-in-your-mouth deliciousness.

Not only is butter lettuce great for salads, it’s also super fantastic in sandwiches.

03. Iceberg

No lettuce list would be complete without crunchy, cool iceberg lettuce. This is a staple in many home refrigerators. However, it lacks the nutritional value of an arugula or red leaf vegetable. But it keeps a while in the fridge, meaning you’ll always have a vegetable on hand. Almost always paired with pizza, this lettuce has a refreshing crunch.

04. Spinach

If you’re looking for health impact with barely any calories, spinach is the green to choose. You can pile your plate high and still will only consume about 40 calories. Additionally, it’s a high-volume water vegetable. So guess what? Yep, it’s coming right out real soon.

In the first decade of the 2000s, wholesome baby spinach was all the rage. You could find it topped with everything from crunch nuts to sweet fruit. Paired with strawberries, feta cheese, nuts and balsamic vinaigrette, you’ll think you’re eating with the Gods.

05. Arugula

With it’s lacy and delicate leaves, arugula has a peppery bite to it. And that attribute makes it a great candidate for the simplest ever salads and vinaigrette. In Italy, arugula is used to top fresh pizza.

06. Romaine

At Jane’s Cafe, we always have romaine lettuce on hand. In fact, it’s used in our beef tacos, chicken wraps, and many other dishes. While it has a nice cool crunch for summer salads, romaine works with many dishes year-round. And it’s the go-to for the traditional Caesar salad which we also serve at our cafe.

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6 Favorite Common Types Of Salad Greens

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