Top Seven Signs You’re Completely Obsessed With Tea

People who love drinking tea don’t feel they’re completely obsessed with tea. And everyone who enjoys a refreshing mug of it knows it can set you up for a good day. Whether it’s a tight work deadline or you’re stuck indoors, tea helps you face many challenges.

But if people are telling you that you’re addicted to it, well, they might not be wrong. Here are a few signs to look out for.

1. You’re Obsessed With Tea If You Can’t Start Your Day Without It

In essence, tea is the elixir of life. And without a quick morning cuppa, you still feel as though you’re asleep. Even people in your household knows not to talk to you until you’ve had your tea. Otherwise, the conversation may not go as you intend.

2. Hot Tea in The Summer is Your Favorite Beverage

Friends think you’re odd for sitting on your patio drinking boiling hot tea in 98 degree weather. But your commitment to tea can’t be shaken just because the seasons change. Come rain or shine, sun or snow, you’ll have your tea.

3. Outrage Sets In When You Visit People and They Don’t Have Tea

What? Who are these impolite people who don’t keep tea bags on hand for guests? In fact, you’ll probably consider taken them off your Christmas card list.

4. You Don’t Understand Why Your Friends Switched To Coffee

While you don’t understand why they switched from tea to coffee, you almost know it’s because coffee is trendy. Albeit a cup of latte looks fancy on Instagram, you’re not impressed. Because you know what tea lacks in style, it more than makes up for in substance.

5. When People Say They Don’t Like Tea It Offends You

In fact, it usually prompts you to launch an overbearing lecture. Have they really tried tea? Are they ruining the flavor with too much sugar or milk? Unfortunately, tea can easily be overlooked by the untrained palate.

6. Everyone Knows How Particular You Are About Making Tea

Watching yourself make a cup of tea is artistry in motion. You’ve got your technique down for milk to water ratio. Pairing your tea with the perfect dessert is easy. And you know the ideal steeping time. Given these points, most people often complement you on how excellent your tea taste.

7. You’re Obsessed With Tea When a Bad Cup Annoys You

Not stirring the tea properly. Or removing the tea bag prematurely. And even straining the bag too hard. The list of tea sins goes on for things you won’t tolerate when it involves tea. But not everyone likes milk in their tea. If you do, remember, the milk is added last.

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