4 Reasons To Eat Organic Food

Conventional food may contain pesticides, excess chemicals, hormones and antibiotics. Plus, possibly even a heaping of sewage sludge. Yucky!

But when you eat organic food, it must be free of the above ick factors. And you have to admit that organic food sounds more appetizing than conventional food.

Whether we’re sitting down to breakfast, lunch or dinner, we all like to know what we’re eating. And as important as taste is, natural, fresh and quality ingredients are just as important. The good news is that organic and flavorful are not mutually exclusive. More San Diego residents are choosing to eat organic food, and they’re looking and feeling better as a result.

Jane’s Cafe is San Diego’s premier organic food restaurant serving delicious meals with organic ingredients. Our culinary experts are ready to take you on a delectable, healthy and organic culinary journey.

That said, if you’re on the fence about going organic, here are 4 reasons to eat organic food.

1. Eat Organic Food Labeled By The USDA

The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has established an organic certification program. It requires all organic foods to meet strict government standards. These standards regulate how such foods are grown, handled and processed. If you want to eat organic food that’s certified by the USDA, ensure their label is on the packaging.

Because any product labeled as organic on the product description or packaging must be USDA certified. And if it’s certified, the producer may also use an official USDA Organic seal.

2. Organic Food Supports Local Communities

According to The Organic Farming Manual, counties with more organic farms and farmers have stronger local economies. As a consumer, you directly help sustain not only our restaurants but also your local farmers. Thus, helping to produce a stronger economy. Additionally, due to organics’ environmental benefits, they help keep your local community green and clean.

3. Varied Organic Food Options

It used to be challenging to get a simple organic salad when dining out. At Jane’s Cafe, you have a wide selection of certified organic food dishes to choose from. Our chefs can now find year-round organic fruits and vegetables, as well as pastas and other ingredients.

Plus, organic no longer means “green”. With so many different terms, it’s easy to get confused. In case of certified organic products, the manufactured goods must adhere to strict environmental regulations and meet the USDA standards. Green is a term used for a product that benefits the environment.

4. Organic Food Allows For A More Creative Menu

With organic foods more readily available, our chefs maintain a unique sense of creativity. This keeps our menu fresh and our patrons are excited to eat organic food.

However, not all foods are available throughout the year locally. So, we change up our menu to accommodate the seasons. It’s an excellent opportunity for us to create new dishes and keeps things exciting for our patrons.

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