Eating Healthy Tips For Picky Eaters

Many of us find it difficult to eat healthy snacks or a meal. As a result, we resort to eating fast foods that lack essential nutrients. So, picky eaters are not alone.

As such, we don’t consume enough nutrition that our body needs to thrive. Given these points, here are a few simple ways to shake up our diet. They’ll also add a little pizzazz to teatime. Not to mention, help you find your happy place at the table. And build healthy eating habits.

1. Drink For Your Health

Picky eaters tend to avert vegetables. So, a good way to slip them into your diet is to blend them into a juice or smoothie. And you may even hate to admit that you’ve never tried raw carrots.

The next time you blend up some fruit juice like mango and orange, try tossing a carrot into the blender. It’ll add a splash of color and your drink will look appetizing. Consider adding veggies into your favorite fruit juice and reap the benefits of all those extra nutrients.

2. Pair Up

Paring something you love with something new adds some healthy variety into your diet. For example, if you crave grilled cheese sandwiches, add a slice of tomato and onion between the bread.

Enjoy spreading plain peanut butter on dry crackers? Next time, consider topping that snack with a thin slice of banana. And you might just discover a match made in heaven. Even if you don’t like your first paring, try again. Exploring healthy snacks for picky eaters can be fun and the possibilities for deliciousness are endless.

3. One a Day

Try adding one new healthy food a day into your diet. This will inevitably introduce a variety of better choices. For instance, put one new healthy food onto your plate at every meal. Think about adding a handful of berries into your plain oatmeal at breakfast.

When you have more time for food prep, consider your lunch and dinner options. Do you tend to gravitate toward dishes without a lot of spice? If you love pasta with alfredo sauce, blend some cauliflower into the sauce. Not only will this make it thick and creamy, but also extra appetizing.

4. Trick Yourself

Think about adding fruits and vegetables to ordinary recipes. Adding unsweetened applesauce to pancake batter is a great way to slip some nutrients into a tasty breakfast staple. Also, if you’re feeling adventurous, fold shredded zucchini into chocolate cake batter. This will make the batter extra moist.

For people who don’t like the look or taste of certain fruits and veggies, here’s a trick. Fool yourself by cleverly slipping these superfoods into your diet, and you’ll open up a new world of healthy foods.

5. Get Creative & Get Started

Some of us don’t like variety in our menu. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t incorporate a list creativity into our food choices. When your plate is colorful and attractively arranged, it’s a great way to whet your appetite for good-for-you foods.

All aspects of living a healthy lifestyle play an important role in our well-being. Jane’s Cafe is here to help make eating healthier easier.

Eating Healthy Tips For Picky Eaters

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