Different Types of Asian Noodles

If you like Asian cuisine, then you probably already know that there are many different types of Asian noodles. Noodles are the key to many beloved Asian dishes across the continent, not to mention a staple of their cuisines.

Trying to categorize each of them would be nearly impossible. Because there are just about as many types of noodles as there are uses for them. From easy breakfasts to fine dining, Asian noddles are sold frozen, fresh, or dried. They also are available in a variety of colors from translucent to bright yellow.

Different Types of Asian Noodles

Different regions lend to even more of a selection. But unlike Italian pasta where al dente texture is king, these noodles are springy and tender. However, there are also dense and chewy textures. Check out some of our favorite varieties below.

Different Types of Asian NoodlesWheat

Hand-pulled, cut, rounded or flat, wheat noodles are the base ingredient for many stir-fries and soups. They also lend their sturdy chew to heavy sauces and light broths alike.

Cumian NoodlesCumian

Cumian are thick Chinese noodles made from wheat flour and water. They are also known as Shanghai noodles. And this variety is used in soups and stir-fries, particularly in northern China.

Ramen NoodlesRamen

At some point, we’ve all ate these delicious, springy Japanese noodles. And they can be served either in flavorful sauces or hot broths. But most of us have purchased instant Ramen.

Different Types of Asian Noodles - Lo MeinLo Mein

Thick and dense, lo mein noodles hold their own against heavy sauces and rigorous cooking methods. Lo mein is also a Chinese-American dish full of flavor, vegetables, and protein.

Wonton NoodlesWonton

Wonton noodles are made from the same dough as wonton wrappers, which means they’re tender and springy. But they’re also sold in a variety of thicknesses and often found in hot soups.
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Different Types of Asian Noodles

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